Simple Screens Roller Blinds

The right roller blinds make all the difference

Customised to suit your space and featuring a premium finish, our Simple Screens Roller Blinds system holds back the sun, wind and rain while elevating your outdoor space in style. It’s a simple yet elegant and low-maintenance outdoor roller blind screen system that you will love for your home. Easy to operate, it’s a simple way to extend your outdoor living area while maximising the views.

Enjoy the outdoors in any season

Made from high-quality materials designed to withstand New Zealand’s weather conditions, our external roller blinds are a smart solution to control the entry of natural light, minimise glare, block out the heat and enhance the appearance of your outdoor area. Simple Screen Roller Blinds can be customised to fit the size and shape of your outdoor area and offer privacy and security while protecting you from the wind, rain, dust and sun.

Unmatched quality and flexible shade

When it comes to quality, our outdoor roller blind systems are second to none. The Simple Screens Roller Blinds system has a weighted bar on the bottom and locks in with heavy-duty pins, making sure the blinds are tensioned and won’t flap around. You can choose either manual or motorised operation to easily adjust the light and privacy levels. As a quality guarantee and so you know they are made to last, all our external blinds come with a 5-year warranty on the motor, fabric and hardware.

The ultimate in outdoor shade and weather protection

Made from durable materials and with an easy-to-clean surface, Simple Screen Roller Blinds require minimal upkeep, which means you can enjoy all the benefits without the hassle of frequent maintenance. Our outdoor roller blind systems can be customised to fit any outdoor area, including patios, decks and balconies. Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why you can expect expert advice and a flawless and professional installation.

Features of the Simple Screens Roller Blinds System

Why Choose us for Simple Screens Roller Blinds?

Favoured by homeowners across New Zealand, Rhino Blinds has an all-weather outdoor blinds and shade solution for everyone. Providing excellent customer service is in our DNA, and we have the expertise to advice you on an all-weather solution that is right for your home and lifestyle. To explore all available designs in outdoor blinds and shade solutions, or to ask us anything about the features and specifications, get in touch.

Examples of our Simple Screens Roller Blinds

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