Easy protection from the elements

Durable clear and tinted PVC outdoor blinds

Choose from an extensive range of transparent and tinted outdoor blinds made from high-quality PVC material to protect your outdoor area.

All-weather protection without sacrificing views

Wind and waterproof PVC outdoor blinds provide shelter for your outdoor spaces and add a layer of defence against rain and wind. As an added bonus, it also keeps those pesky insects out. Practical, stylish, and perfect to isolate any outdoor area, from pergolas to spa pool enclosures, PVC outdoor blinds are a smart investment for your patio.

PVC is an excellent material for outdoor blinds as it is known for being highly durable, strong and designed to withstand all weather conditions. PVC is a solid surface, which means it completely blocks the elements. PVC outdoor blinds are cost effective and an ideal solution for creating a wind and rain-free environment so you can enjoy relaxing in your outdoor spaces in every season.

With the ever-changing New Zealand weather conditions in mind, Rhino Blinds provides you with the ideal choice of PVC outdoor blinds that can be customised easily, all based on your space and personal preferences. What an easy way to turn your backyard into a retreat and an extension of your home where comfort meets the great outdoors.

Features and Benefits

Clear PVC outdoor blinds

Clear PVC is an outdoor blinds favourite, designed to protect your patio or other outdoor area from the wind and rain, while still allowing you to enjoy the view!

Some examples of clear PVC outdoor blinds we have installed

Tinted PVC outdoor blinds

PVC is a great solution if you want complete protection from wind and to best retain warmth within your area.

Some examples of tinted PVC outdoor blinds we have installed

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