Stylish and Sturdy Pergola Carports

Increase your curb appeal with a Rhino Carport

A convenient and elegant way to protect your vehicles, including caravans and boats, from the elements is installing a sturdy freestanding pergola carport from Rhino Blinds.

Get the best carport for your home

If you’re short on space or if building a garage on your site could restrict your access or view, a carport is the perfect solution. Having a freestanding carport installed can protect your vehicles from many types of weather damage including fading paint, cracking interior leather, and hailstone damage. With a carport, you also won’t have to worry about defrosting your windscreen on winter mornings!

One of the best benefits of a carport is that they boast a variety of uses. With a freestanding carport, you’ll create more than a convenient cover for your cars. It’s a multifunctional sheltered space that can double as a play area for the kids, extra storage space, or even a work shed. Some Kiwis use them for family gatherings and backyard barbecues!

High quality PVC Sundream roofing material with an aluminium frame. The carport designs can be tailored to easily fit in with your house’s exterior aesthetic and if the size of your carport is less than 50 sqm, you won’t need a building consent.

Features and Benefits

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A carport that incorporates style with function

Because Rhino pergola carports are freestanding, they can be placed anywhere on your property – next to your house, at the start of your driveway or on any other accessible flat surface. If you are looking for a custom solution for a pergola carport, our team is here to help. We guarantee excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials, products, and installation. It’s never been easier to increase your home’s curb appeal with a modern, stylish, inexpensive, and low-maintenance pergola carport.