Enhance and create more space

Enhance and create more space

Lift the look of your restaurant, café, or your office’s outdoor area with a stylish and functional shade and blinds solution from Rhino Blinds.

Best quality commercial shade and blinds

Do you want to enhance the look of your business with a visually striking shade structure? Are you looking for a shade solution that provides protection against harsh sunlight and shelter from the elements? Maybe you want a shade structure that does both? Whatever your needs for commercial outdoor blinds and shades, Rhino Blinds has the solution. Whether you are running a restaurant, a café, a co-working space, a car wash, or any other establishment that utilises the outdoors, you will know that the unpredictable New Zealand weather can affect operations unless you’re prepared. 

With a solution from Rhino Blinds, you can control the atmosphere of your business with commercial outdoor blinds that make outdoor dining, working and socialising so much more enjoyable.

The right shade and blinds solution will instantly elevate the look of your building. When you choose to install blinds, awnings or other shade solutions, you’ll prevent the sun from heating up your interior and create a more comfortable place for your customers and staff. By keeping the indoor temperature lower and the air cooler, you can leave the air conditioning unit off and save on your energy bills.

Shade and protection where you need it

There are many types of shade structures to choose from, and many reasons why business owners decide to install them. With a range of custom made commercial outdoor blinds, awnings and shade solutions to choose from for your business, you’ll have shade where you need it and protection from the elements all year round. Contact Rhino Blinds today to find out more.