Shade Solutions for Auckland North, North Shore & Rodney

Outdoor Blinds, Awnings and Shade Solutions for Auckland North, North Shore & Rodney Homes

An easy way to add instant value to your Auckland, North Shore or Rodney home and add a touch of style to your backyard is to install quality clear or tinted PVC blinds, a retractable awning, a freestanding carport, covered pergola or a sunshade solution from Rhino Blinds.

Benefits of enclosing your outdoor area

Enclosing your outdoor spaces adds usable square footage to your home and creates additional space that you and your family can use to work, entertain, or relax. A covered deck provides great protection from the elements so you can enjoy the outdoors even in wet weather. Being less exposed to the elements means it also requires less maintenance.

A covered deck provides more privacy than an uncovered deck. This can be especially beneficial if you enjoy entertaining guests or relaxing in your outdoor space but don’t want your neighbours to look in. It’s also an easy way to increase the value of your home if you decide to sell.

Choose from our great products and services

The best quality and service

We offer custom made all our products and the blinds, shades and awnings are made from quality materials. Everything we do is tailormade to the shape and size required by our clients. For the best quality outdoor blinds, awnings and sunshade solutions in Auckland North, North Shore & Rodney, you can trust on Rhino Blinds to get the job done right.

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