Pergola Maintenance & Outdoor Blinds Servicing

Keep your pergolas in their divine condition with expert pergola maintenance and outdoor blind servicing.

Solar screen installed at a residential patio

Increase your pergola’s lifespan with proper care

Pergola maintenance is an essential part of owning a pergola at home. Built from different materials, such as metal and timber, you must learn how to take care of your pergola to enhance its purpose. Proper care for your pergola will help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. It takes practising general care, thorough inspection, and routine cleaning to keep them in tip-top condition.


At Rhino Blinds, we understand that pergola maintenance requires significant time and effort. While a simple rinse and wipe can do the job, you want to ensure that your pergolas retain their look function. After all, your pergola protects you and your family from the sun, wind, and rain. Our team can help you maintain your pergolas to increase their longevity and improve overall aesthetic intrigue.

Our pergola maintenance

Pergolas come in different materials, so you must make sure they are kept in tip-top condition all year round. 

We perform expert outdoor blind servicing to ensure your outdoor blinds protect your pergola and any interior furniture within the space. 

Our team provides outdoor blind repairs, replacements for wearing parts, realignment, and more. We guarantee to have your outdoor blinds working as if they were new, the perfect complement to your pergola.

Excellent service you can trust

Rhino Blinds proudly offers high-quality products and excellent customer service for all our clients. Whether you need pergola maintenance, blind repairs, or comprehensive assessments for your outdoor living space, we can help. Our knowledgeable and skilled team can perform detailed maintenance and ensure an overall positive experience.